By Breccia Silentstep
© March 25, 2005

~ prologue ~


One by one. That’s how it all started. The first froglok who had slipped away, to feel the unravelling, the reshaping found the island, and rested there. He was joined by another. And another.

They didn’t speak for a long time, the first ones. They were content to rest, still feeling the newness, the strangeness, the glory of what they had become.

They had been transfigured.

They looked at each other, and marvelled. They looked within themselves, and were humbled.

How great had their god wrought! Were they worthy?

They gathered one by one, and shared the wonder of their new forms.

And, when there were enough, the older, the stronger among them began to speak.

And they spoke of war.

* * * * *

||  –  >>