candie Name Meaning: Bright, Sweet
Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5’11”
Class: Shadow Knight
Title: Revenant
Candie is insane. No, really. She is.Taken by Innoruuk as one of his unholy Swords, she was corrupted by his power, and had her brains played with a little too deeply. Blonde, blue-eyed, and very pretty, this human exudes both a raw sex-appeal and a strange innocence. Her child-like behavior seems at odds with the nature of someone who works as a shadowknight for the God of Hatred.Of course, the God of Hatred isn’t so hugely pleased with her, finding her both a pain and an embarrassment. Since he sent her off to be killed – by summarily dropping her into a group of his rabid followers – Innoruuk is unlikely to be happy when he finds out she’s still alive.Asked by Udel to join them as a warrior, Candie has fixated on him, and seems to be falling for the druid. Udel, of course, has no interest in relations with a strange human woman.It will be interesting to see how her new companions react when her true nature is revealed.