feff Name Meaning: Without Restraint
Race: High Elf
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’2″
Class: Unknown
Title: You don’t want to know.
Dekelcia Feff is a high elf. That much can be discerned by his appearance. WHAT he is, on the other hand, he keeps as a closely guarded secret. He seems to have strange powers of magick that are unlike those of anyone else. Showing the abilities of many types of users of magick, he remains silent on how he is able to do this.His history and his family are likewise kept secret, although he is apparently not welcome in his home city of Felwithe. He appears to have broken some unwritten rule, and has found himself labeled a heretic, and outcast.He is supremely arrogant and sure of himself. Those few people who are willing to remain in his company for long are subjected to his exhibited superiority and frequent ridicule. Most people are unwilling to put up with this, and avoid him. Udel finds his subtle revenge by pulling the high elf’s chain in constantly playing stupid to him. This annoys Feff to no end, and has the side effect of Feff’s underestimation of the druid.Feff’s left side is covered – head to foot – in strange tattoos. These glow brightly in red when he uses his unique powers. He has the ability to hide them for short periods of time, when needed. For how long he can maintain the illusion is unknown.Feff, in fact, is an enigma. He likes it that way.