Image Name Meaning: From the Valley
Race: Half-Elf (Wood-Elf/Erudite)
Age: 35
Height: 5’9″
Class: Druid
Title: Storm Warden
Udel is a half-elven druid. His father was a wood elf, and his mother an Erudite of noble family. When his mother’s father found out about his daughter dallying with the elf, he was furious, and married her off to a ‘suitable’ Erudite husband. The shallow vows did not stop her from seeing her true love.When she gave birth, her father’s joy became fury and disgust when he saw the half-elven child. Fearing for her son’s – and her lover’s – safety, she took him to his father’s arms and had him take the child away.Raised among the elves, Udel developed a deep interest in the history of his father’s people, and of his family. Neither as young nor as foolish as he prefers to appear, he wanders – seemingly erratically – across the face of Norrath, doing research for a purpose he is unwilling to disclose. That he has some sort of goal is his closely guarded secret.When a pre-adolescent froglok that he rescued is cast out by his people, Udel rises to the challenge of raising the youth himself – with secret advice from one or two of the frogloks with an interest in the child. Udel keeps these communications a secret, knowing that it would hurt the young froglok if he found out.Udel remains fixed on his goal – a goal that he believes Reflex will be able to aid him with. He is one of the few to suspect the true nature of the power that has claimed the young froglok.