Name Meaning: Born Free
Race: Froglok
Age: 21
Height: 4’4″ Crouched 5’2″ Standing
Class: Warrior
Title: Rager Champion

Reflex was the first froglok tad hatched in the city of Gukta. His parents were leaders among his people; his father one of the generals who led the attack that drove the trolls from the swamp, and won them the city. His mother was the first leader of the wizards – the first Jin Master. Although both stepped down from their positions, they remain pillars of their community, and highly respected. A prophecy given to them when Reflex was hatched told that he would one day do ‘great things.’ Though a prodigy in skill, he had difficulty living up to the expectations of his family and his people.When an error in judgment led to his being marked and claimed by an unknown power, he was exiled by his people at the tender age of 11. Reflex was left with little choice but to travel the world in the company of his rescuer, Udel. Although a liability as a youngster, the froglok has grown into a skilled warrior, and a worthy companion in his own right.Separated from his people, his god, and all he knew, the young froglok struggled to find his way through the unfamiliar landscape of an unfriendly world. That he was cursed with a berserker rage, and possessed of unnatural speed did not make things easier. Fortunately, Udel has been a steadfast friend and companion for the decade they have been wandering.Reflex remains caught up in events he knows little about; a pawn in the hands of forces he does not recognize. The ultimate fate of the world might just rest in his hands.