Sorry it took forever… but you know how it is…In this strip I mention an old friend of min in EQ, Azarak. He was my old guild leader, and a true friend in EQ. The guy behind him is Xalik, his Ranger alt. He would play both at the same time and we would go out and do little things. He tried to get me into the über guild on my server, who he became an officer of shortly after I left EQ1, but it just didn’t work heh. I wonder what’s become of him lately.It’s funny the story that got reflex the Axe of the Kromzek Kings. He actually had it at level 15 which is what we call ultra twink. Azarak’s guild had just killed the Kromzek King for fun and there were two axes. So Azarak /tells me and says, “Hey do you want an Axe of the Kromzek Kings for Reflex?” After I regained consciousness I definitely said yes. Of course, Reflex was level 15… had never been to Velious before… and was defaultly KOS (kill on sight) to Frost Giants. Xalik had to Camo me through the zone, and with a hefty helping of SoW and a bitch-ton of luck I was able to get the axe. That was just the beginning of Reflex’s twinking. 😀