Rude Awakenings

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Dragonsnail surprised me in my forums the other day by coloring the picture I had up here. I warned her I would sure up the letters and use it as the actual page!

I told ya I’d do it!


But you didn’t believe me!
Whye didn’t you believe me!?


I really enjoy the fact that someone who I look up to as an artist really enjoys my work enough to present ME with fan art… that’s fucking awesome.



So work is still hell. Deadlines keep getting missed. I’m having the worst luck hiring people. I mean, if someone didn’t want a fucking job, why the fuck would they answer the fucking ad? I’ve hired about 6 people… about 3 of them didn’t show up for their first day, 1 of them just up and quit. I’ve gotten one good one out of it… and the newest one (who started last week) had to “go to Mexico on an emergency” this week so he won’t be in…

What the fuck people?

I mean what the fuck?

God damn you fucking retarded jackasses. If you want a fucking job, and someone offers you a fucking job, you go into that fucking job and you do what you’ve been hired for. If you don’t want the fucking job don’t answer the goddamn mother fucking ad, and sure as hell don’t fucking not come in after you’re fucking hired.

God Damn… I mean god damn…

Finally, another page. Technically this is two pages as a spread, and doubles as a cover page for this story. Ahh, three birds with one stone.

…Fucking retarded American work force.