Brandon Leach, otherwise known as B9, is the wonderful artist who colored this chapter’s cover. You might remember him as the guy who practiced on these avatars of mine several years ago. I’d been keeping track of him through his DA for a little while and a few weeks ago he posted several cards that he did for the Legends of Norrath online card game. They were so awesome I just had to comment on them. Since then we started talking again and I got the crazy idea that since a guest colored the last chapter cover, I might as well continue the trend and get a guest colorist for this one too. As you can tell he definitely did not disappoint. Just look at what I gave him, and look at how it turned out.

Check out his website at and if you want to take home some of his art you can purchase some hand painted acrylic paintings from Etsy. I don’t know how much he wants me to let out, but he is working on a Steam Punk sequential art project that sounds pretty promising. Make sure to check up on him from time to time.

Oh, and just because she brought it up. My name was first last cover, so her’s is first this time around. 😛 And she’ll have to like it that way.