The script for this page was simple enough, though I might have made it top-heavy where it didn’t need to be. But I really like that 4th panel. This was the script:

Scene: Beside the bridge. Serenity sits on the grass beside the water. Reflex leans heavily on the staff. He’s exhausted, and chagrined that he bothered her.

Reflex: I… Please don’t stop. I didn’t mean to disturb…

Serenity: (smiles) It’s alright. Come sit. (Pats the grass beside her) You look like you need to talk.

Reflex hesitates, then sits down painfully. (NOT crouching! Sitting on ass like most people. One leg (broken one) stretched out in front.)
Reflex mental narration: Ow. Ow. Ow. Dammit. I am an idiot…

They look at each other, and we get another close up of them. Both of them have blue eyes, and they are inches from each other.

Page end

So I made the decision to make their eyes colored in the last panel. If I’d colored the entire page it wouldn’t have stood out as much, but I don’t know if it comes across as too pushy. You be the judge.