For those who don’t frequent the forum, I got promoted at work. I’m now the day time manager of the department I’ve been working in at my job. The position came with a modest pay raise, a transfer over to salary, a cell phone, and the fact that I’m now on call 24/7 and work a 60 hour week typical…

My job overall hasn’t changed (goes to show you what my boss did), except now I get to hire and fire people… and I do payroll, which is awesome because I suck at math, but that’s what Excel is for. I love Excel, it does math I couldn’t even think of doing in my head.

I also got a girlfriend! Now before you groan and say “Oh that’s why he hasn’t updated the comic.” No… She’s a fan of it too… and she has been telling me over and over to update the strip… at least she has been as long as her mouth isn’t otherwise occupied (but I’ve said too much).

Anyway, sorry for the late comic… life has been nothing short of interesting the past two weeks.

[[Edit: I meant kissing you perverts! God I swear… … …I love my readership.]]