Atalante is the word for “Fallen” in the tongue of the Koada’dal (or High Elves). The biggest insult you can give a Koada’dal is to say that they’ve gone away from their goddess, Tunare. Consider it like a racial slur.

Personally, I think this is one of the better pages that I’ve done. I’ve started to pay more attention to the outlines of the pages… which I think has been one of my weaknesses of late. I want the story telling of my old pages, but the… abnormality of my newer ones, finding the happy medium is going to be hard. Still trying to come into my own style of layout, how to do pages. I’ve gone through the drawing pictures on separate pieces of paper and then splicing them all together on the computer, doing it randomly on all one. Now I’m trying to do the whole entire page together on one thing perfectly outlined with little change on the computer. Seems to be working, for the moment at least.

Oh, btw… the actual strip 69! Celebrate again!