I’ve been putting these out at good intervals for a guy who works a full job with responsibilities haven’t I? I mean even if I have to update in pieces. 🙂

I got to thinking about the last page… and so many people had a problem with it I got to wondering if the actual cool action part was missed somehow. That being, of course, that Feff threw the guard out of the smoke, into one of the fire pots and shattered the pot with his body.

So I came up with this page off the fly (because the next page was supposed to be a shot of Feff coming out of the smoke all splash page style) to illustrate where the guard landed. Top panel you can see the shattered pot and Highmoon falling out of it in the flames. The smaller (floating) pot falls to the ground and rolls over to Feff to be stopped by his foot. Then we see a back shot, see a little more of the tattoo, and the other guards silhouette with Udel and Candie’s silhouette’s in the far background.