Dekelcia would like to say that he is sorry for what is coming up and that he tried many times to get me to remove this joke and the following jokes from the book. Also, that we must remember that this is a comic strip and no frogs were actually harmed during the making of this book… unless you count the ones that I capture and torture for anatomy research then feed to the scorpions that I keep in the pit where I throw the helpless school children that I steal from the neighboring counties.This is for all the ladies… guys cover your eyes please…So to explain the strip… as if you couldn’t figure it out… The Brownie is there… humping Candie’s face (mmm tastes like fudge) while she’s dazed from the impact.  Unfortunately, for him, he gets the bright idea to say the B word that all women (at least the ones I know) hate, which snaps Candie to, and with anger in her eye she… well… she yeah.

Anyway, our new Michael Jackson of the brownie community gets thrown to the ground and runs… er hobbles… off.  But not before Udel gets to make a smart comment as a nice revenge….

I think Feff didn’t take it as well though and wound up dropping the spell.