[[Avak has picked her up and is holding her.]]

Narration: The child was very engaging.

[[She grabs one of his sideburns and yanks on it, Avak has a shocked look on his face. He smiles at the child.]]

Narration: I warmed to her quickly.

[[the panel progression goes from Avak’s smile to a saddened frown and then the hand on his face.]]

I am without child of my own, as you know. I have not taken a wife since….

Scene dissolves back to the Green room.

Avak: (distressed) …since….
(puts a hand to his face.)

[[Bottom span panel, silhouettes in chairs Udel has reached across and put his hand on Avak’s knee.]]

Udel: (consoles) I know. I miss her too.

Page End.