Here we have Candie taking her leave of the lovable dark elves and making her way over the hills to the clearing where Feff and Udel are.

Candie is so innocent she didn’t even realize that the dark elves actually wanted to kill and eat her, she just figured they were playing around. Yet, such is the way of the cuteness factor.

Personally, I didn’t like the way the text came out on this page, but I like the way the page itself came out.  It took me a really long time to crop up the panels in my mind.  When I make a comic, I do it like I’m doing an anime, so it’s hard to put the moving pictures in my head into still frames on a page.  I finally settled on a moving panel for the top one instead of several different panels (her shoving the rogue off, getting up off of the priestess, and then moving away from the camp)