Going to build this page like I did the last one, piece by piece. So keep checking back as the week goes by.

I figured I’d put this up so that you’re not in the dark… plus here’s the excerpt from the script for this page.

“Feff…” Udel says warily, glancing over at his friend who is now rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Udel…” Feff answers back, snottily.

“Turn, traitor, and face your punishment!” Guard Highmoon readies his sword.

News entry for Sunday, the 22nd of May, 2005

Well I’m sick, but I managed to get the lines and words done for this page. I figured I’d put it up so you guys could check it out while I color it. 🙂 Leave you hanging in the place where I actually wanted to leave you hanging.

Here’s the excerpt from the rest of the script

Feff slowly turns, sliding his hand across the left side of his face. He ends his spin facing the guards, arms wide open and a smile on his face, his tattoo has vanished. “Guard Highmoon! Guard Crystalwind! I just thought it time for a homecoming! Was beginning to miss the old casting grounds and, well, I just figured I’d pop in to say hi and check up on the kids and all. How are your kids, Highmoon? That boy of yours was doing well in the academy last time I was here and your daughter… Whew, your daughter, last time I saw her she…”

“SILENCE!” Highmoon roars, cutting Feff off mid sentence, “The next time you set foot in Felwithe will be over my cold, dead body.”

Feff narrows his eyes and answers, “Your proposal… is accepted.”

The guards charge.

Now to plan out the battle afterward.