Nice long discussion of druid circles, and why exactly the ones in Gfey and Lfey don’t work.  I like this explanation.  I think it worked up really nicely.  Also I bring Tolan into the story, not so much as a character, but as a historical figure.  Bringing more of the Planes and the ideas of the planes into the story with Tolan being the first Avatar (one who would do the bidding of the gods since they can’t leave their planes) of Tunare.  The idea and possibly even the character of Tolan will come into the story later on…

This was also the most dialogue I’ve tried to fit on a page before.  I hope everyone didn’t have any trouble reading it.

And just look at poor reflex… lying there on the ground… dead… sigh.  Frogloks are pretty big when they’re sprawled out head to toe.  What with the huge legs… At least as tall as a high elf.