So I was reading a more recent Sandman comic, by Neil Gaiman, and during the forward something struck me when he wrote how he was a person who preferred mysteries to explanations, but that he also found it pleasurable to, in this book Endless Nights, explain a number of things. I thought nothing of the forward until I was half way through the book and it struck me how much was left unexplained in the original Sandman novels. Then my brain summed it all up for me in the phrase “You don’t have to explain everything to make a great story.””How does this affect this story in any way?” You ask.Well, when I was originally writing these few pages I explained in almost game-like detail what was happening. I kept reading over the pages and, though they made perfect sense, found myself hating them. It was like reading a D&D manual. They didn’t flow, they didn’t entertain me, they weren’t… art.

So as I said in my previous news post… I’m rewriting these pages as I go and hopefully they’ll be more pleasing to me as well as you.