I rewrote this page about four times, and then after I got done drawing it and was lettering it wrote it again. Again, SO sorry that I have been late so many times. I’m very sorry, really I am. I could keep making excuses but I figure by now, if you’re still reading this, you’re tired of hearing them.I have a tangent in my head about how reflex actually got past the guards that I want to put up… it’s cute, but I have to wait until later to do that.—Explaining the page:
Reflex, so wanting to be the best, sneaked into the Guktan armory to steal a box of magical artifacts. Haste items to be precise… Made by the God Mithaniel Marr, The Truth bringer (you can see part of his insignia on the box). In game terms they’s be LORE haste items, we’ll see in the next strip belts, with an incredible haste percentage. He knows that this is wrong on so many levels, but he feels that the rewards are worth the risks… we’ll see just how wrong he is in the next few strips to come.