They always say when you write to write about what you know, “A story will flow better when it comes from past experiences.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like this some times. It’s like everyone’s just watching you, waiting for you to mess up. This is how Reflex feels in this one. Here he is, the prodigy of his village, and everyone expects so many great things from him, but he doesn’t know how to accomplish what they want him to do. Hell he’s just starting to lose his tail for Marr’s sake! He’s of the mindset that he’ll do anything ~ ANYTHING ~ not to disappoint them.

I’ll introduce a few in the pictures. The little froggie girl huggin’ on Reflex there is his girlie-type-friend, isn’t she cute, and look, I’ve explained how frogloks can wear earrings without ears! To his left (our right) is his mother, M’jou great Jin Master and adviser to the High Seer and father, Gragok, Retired general of the Dar Guard. The one on the far right of the page when they’re hoarding over Reflex is his trainer.