I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get the next page out. After the move came some more hell at work, then I got a ticket and had to take drivers ed, then came Christmas and I got the first and second seasons of Smallville on dvd… then my life disappeared for about two weeks.

I would come home from work each night and say “I’m going to finish this page!” and then I would wind up watching Smallville until 2am every morning.

I love this show… I love it goodly.
Anyway, I’m going to revert the comic back to the old way it was drawn… stick with what worked you know? Maybe every now and then I’ll draw it the long way, but It’s more comfortable for me to draw this particular comic like this… I don’t know why. Grey-scale to come soon too.

Now I need to go buy the next season of Smallville… pardon me…